The Power of Love

admin September 25, 2018

How can love influence everyone’s happiness?


Love is one of the most powerful emotions that anyone can feel. According to Merriam-Webster, love is a “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.” This could be filial love, attraction for a lover, or affection for a friend. Since love is regarded as a strong emotion, it can greatly affect anyone’s happiness. No matter what kind of love you have or to whom your love is directed, love will always change a person. What matters is how the person reacts toward love.

The good and the bad

There are types of love that can destroy a person. This happens when one takes advantage of the other, leading to sadness and misery. In these cases, love makes you act or do something irrational that you don’t normally do. You end up forgetting yourself and your goals, and your self-esteem plummets. Instead of doing things to improve yourself, you do things that would solely benefit your partner, which should never be the case.

On the other hand, there are positive effects of love where you become inspired, uplifted, empowered, and feel fulfilled. This is the right kind of love with the right person and at the right time. When you are in a blissful relationship full of love, you feel like you could do anything. You want to work harder toward reaching your goals and dreams, not only for yourselves but for your significant other as well.

One particular creature takes love seriously. He acts accordingly for the people he loves and expects nothing in return. This creature is the eldest of a happy family of cute furry creatures. His name is Squirrelly the squirrel.

Squirrelly, the most responsible squirrel, regards love as an inspiration. From his early years to his adulthood, Squirrelly had loved quite a number of people. His love started with his family.

When the squirrel children were growing, the nest and mother’s milk was becoming insufficient. The parents thought of transferring the male children to another nest while the females remained with their mother. Being the eldest, Squirrelly took it upon himself to learn the ropes of adulthood from his father. Instantly, Squirrelly took the role of the eldest brother seriously. Together with his father, they built a bigger home where his whole family could live comfortably, and most of all, they would be complete.

As Squirrelly grew older, he found a different kind of love for Starlett. From being a responsible son, he became an independent man who sought to build a family of his own. Squirrelly learned to make his own nest and look for his own food for winter. Squirrelly’s love for Sctarlett became his inspiration to be a better squirrel, and he was able to achieve the dream he had and he was very happy.

Love can make or break a person. It can make us happy, anxious, capable of taking risks, confident, and even smarter. However, you should always put to mind that in love, you should never forget yourself. You must first love the most important person in the whole world—yourself. For we cannot give something we do not have. When we love ourselves, we can also give the gift of love, and only then can we achieve happiness and bliss.

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