Starvation is caused by laziness

admin May 28, 2019

Laziness to starvation – the oft-ignored connection

Starvation is caused by laziness


Various reasons are talked about as the causes of starvation. These include poverty, adverse weather, lack of investment in agriculture, war and displacement, unstable food prices, and food wastage. However, not many may think about laziness when trying to find the causes of starvation. Yet, many people are deprived of food simply because of their laziness.

A study last year claimed college students feeling “food insecure” and even starving just because they were lazy. From oversleeping and missing breakfast to not having enough food because they didn’t have enough money to buy it were some reasons that were unearthed by the study. Though abstaining from second helpings or not eating adequate food (but still having food to satiate hunger, even if partially) can’t be called starvation in the true sense, still the study indicated how there could be a close link between laziness and starvation.

Laziness could manifest itself in weird ways. From being too lazy to eat (even when one has lots of options) to being too lazy to go out shopping for grocery and preparing food, people may have different reasons for skipping on their meals. Once in a while, skipping a meal or two shouldn’t be a cause of concern. But when it becomes a habit and one starts eating less and less and loses weight drastically, it calls for some preventive measures. Else, the road from laziness to starvation would be traveled fast and the person at the heart of it may unwillingly fall prey to some serious health issues.


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