Why I Started Writing a Book about Snowy

Larry Friend May 15, 2018

About 35 years ago in Chicago, a stunning blessing landed on our backyard in the form of a dove. My children saw the bird first, and they thought that it was homeless, so they picked it up and brought it in our house. The children asked Nancy if they could name the bird Snowy because they think it was pretty and its feathers also were white as snow, which my wife gladly agreed.

We are very fond of Snowy, and we considered him as a family member. This amazing pet of ours became more popular because Nancy introduced him to everyone who visited our house. Snowy’s popularity came to the point where when a friend or an acquaintance makes a call, they will immediately ask for Snowy.

We were able to tame Snowy, and we were also able to build a strong relationship with him. Snowy received the attention and care from everyone in the house and from some family friends who have seen him, and he was able to return that affection by showing his loyalty to us. There were a lot of times where he had chances to escape and leave us, but he didn’t. He stayed with us until his very last breath.

It is so amazing how Snowy’s innocent stares could brighten our day. The 28 years with this white dove was full of wonder. My family and some of my friends built wonderful memories with Snowy, which drives me to write my new book, Snowy the White Dove of Love.

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