How did Squirrely overcome the tragic fate of his brother?

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Top 2 skills that Squirrely used to overcome grief

Squirrely overcome the tragic fate of his brother

After a hawk swooped down on Sluggo and took him away, Squirrely was grief-stricken as was his family. Though Sluggo contributed nothing in terms of assistance to the family, he was a part of the family nonetheless, who was loved. So, he was missed. At this stage, two things helped Squirrely overcome the tragic fate of his brother.

The first was to draw strength, love and support from the family. The second was to train and learn new skills to be a better version of himself. Though the tragic fate of Squirrely’s brother was a dark spot for the entire family, they concentrated on their everyday tasks to find and stock food, while accompanying each other. Squirrely also learned a lot during this time. From knowing that the oak trees produced acorns and the black walnut trees produced nuts to the smaller seeds of the maple trees that were much more plentiful, he acquired new knowledge.

Despite several failed attempts, he also learned and mastered the trick of balancing on the tip of a small branch to eat the maple seeds. From bearing several painful falls to the ridicule of other squirrels in the area, Squirrely suffered it all but never gave up on his dream of mastering the balancing technique. And it was finally he who won.

Overcoming the tragic fate of Sluggo was a difficult task for his brother but he learnt to be vigilant after the incident. He also acquired new skills and experiences while staying close to the family and working to find food for them. Thus, it was his family’s unconditional love and support, as well as his own strong will that helped Squirrely overcome the tragic fate of his brother.



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