How Squirrelly the Squirrel and Starlett Originated

Larry Friend March 27, 2018

Nancy and I decided to leave the City of Chicago and move to Libertyville, Illinois. I have always wanted to live in a log home. We were fortunate to locate such a home on five and a half acres. The previous owners had made several changes to the log cabin and had constructed several additions to the home. I am certain one of the owners was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright.

The logs were cut on two of the walls and large plate glass windows were installed in the openings. About 90 percent of the walls in the additions were also constructed of glass. Therefore, it is easy to view the outdoors from almost anywhere in the house.

Considerable time and money had to be invested to repair the home and clear the land around the home. Nancy has always liked animals. Therefore, after the work was completed, she decided to place bird and squirrel feeders all around the property so she could watch the wildlife from the house.

For several years, I watched all the interactions and antics of the wildlife around the house. This is when I started writing the stories, which finally led to my book, Squirrelly the Squirrel and Starlett.

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