What Squirrelly Did After a Large Snowstorm

Larry Friend April 24, 2018

Squirrelly woke up and looked out of his nest. The entire area was covered by snow. He could only see the large oak tree and maple trees above the snow. When he looked down, he noticed the tops of the bushes covered by about 10 inches of snow, causing the branches to bend under the weight of the snow, almost reaching the ground.

He was very hungry. He knew he had buried nuts in the ground under the snow. He decided to venture out of his nest to locate a few of them. He exited the nest and descended the tree trunk until he reached the snow.

As soon as he jumped into the snow, he started sinking into it. As though he was in quicksand—the more he moved, the deeper he sank. As he frantically struggled, he quickly reached the ground. He started looking for a nut, using his Nut Positioning System and his acute sense of smell. But he soon realized that he could not breathe under the snow. He now knew that his searches would be limited by the length of time he could hold his breath.

While under the snow, he found it difficult to dig tunnels in the fluffy material. However, the more he tried, the better he got. He would climb back down existing tunnels; dig more tunnels; locate a nut; grab it in his mouth; and, after several minutes, would quickly claw to the top of the snow, launch himself onto the surface, and land on the snow, gasping for air. He retrieved several nuts and was able to eat them on the surface. However, as his hunger subsided, he began to reevaluate whether the results were worth the effort.

He decided to make one more run. However, this time, as he exited the tunnel and leapt to the surface, he found himself looking into the beautiful eyes of the squirrel he had named Starlett. She looked very hungry. He proceeded to help her find some nuts. Now his whole perspective of the process changed. He loved helping Starlett. His entire disposition changed to one of great happiness.

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