Why Snowy Was with Us for 28 Year

Larry Friend May 22, 2018

There should have been a great reason why Snowy left his former owner and stayed with us instead. Maybe it’s due to his owner’s upbringing, which made me wonder the type of affection Snowy felt before.

Was he given enough food or a comfortable cage? Was he ever given a bath before? Did he experience the kind of freedom we gave him? Or did his previous owner hold and caress him the way my family did? Maybe Snowy found himself in a very oppressive environment, which is why he freed himself from his previous owner.

Since the very first day when Snowy landed on our backyard, everyone in the house expressed their deep admiration for the little white dove. We gave him food and water and a beautiful cage where he could move around freely. During the nighttime, Nancy would cover the cage with a cloth to keep Snowy warm, and she opened the cage during the daytime to let Snowy fly around the house.

We used to cradle him and caress his delicate body with our hands. Snowy was quite a celebrity in the Friend household. Snowy became a legend because Nancy almost introduced him to everyone. Snowy was part of our happiness, sorrow, pain, and achievement because he became part of the family.

For 28 years, Snowy stayed with us. Maybe the reason why he stayed was because we gave him the kind of affection that he wanted to share with his owner—maybe it was the incredible feeling he felt every time Nancy bathed him, or maybe because he felt the warmth whenever we held him. Even though Snowy died, he will never be forgotten because, when he was still alive, he spent his days painting good memories and carving a place in each of our hearts.

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