Why Some People Don’t Like Squirrels

Larry Friend May 1, 2018

Squirrels are viewed by people in many ways. They are so much fun to watch. It is amazing how quickly they can climb up and down trees, seeming to use so little effort. It is hard to comprehend how they can jump from branch to branch, sometimes leaping 10 feet or more while over 40 feet off the ground. They construct their nests high in the trees, protecting themselves and their families, seemingly without fear. They venture out to the end of small branches high in the air to reach nuts and seeds, swinging to and fro in the wind, but seldom falling. The antics they perform while playing on the ground and around the trees and bushes are always comical.

Because they expend so much energy running, climbing, and playing; they must eat a lot of food. Their sense of smell is very acute. With this ability to determine where food is located, this is accompanied with an uncontrollable desire to get to the food. This can lead them seek food in garages, attics in homes, back porches, and bird feeders. It is not uncommon for a squirrel to chew a hole through a garage’s siding or the soffit leading to an attic to make nests and eat available food. This makes them a destructive creature. Property owners will try to patch the damage, only to find that another area has been opened. Owners become more and more enraged, leading them to rid themselves of these cute creatures, one way or another.

Bird lovers also become very frustrated with them. Squirrels are ingenious and usually find a way to defeat most feeders. There are many types of feeders on the market. Each one has its own special property for defeating a squirrel. People often have to change feeders several times a year. This makes them more and more angry. It seems that they cannot fathom how a squirrel can be so intelligent. This also forces them to find ways to eliminate squirrels from their property.

I think this battle will always be waged between people and squirrels.

What do you think?

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