Patience Is a Virtue

Larry Friend August 8, 2018

Why we should be patient


We’ve all heard the old cliché of patience being a virtue more than once. Today’s fast-paced world, however, is making it admittedly difficult for some of us to keep it.

Although instant gratification has benefited us in one way or another, it has caused a good chunk of us to become impatient—because we’re used to getting what we want almost immediately, we get cranky, stressed out, and (at times) paranoid when our whims aren’t addressed right away. What used to be trivial matters have now become serious stumbling blocks. Things like slow internet and long lines have brought out the worst in some people. Yes, irritation and annoyance are common human emotions. However, they don’t help you out in already-stressful situations. In fact, they may end up making them worse.

True, the world will be much better off without inconveniences. However, they’re unfortunately inevitable. Let’s be real here: There isn’t much we can do about them, so might as well accept them. What you can do is to give yourself a break. Take Icy, for example: Although he didn’t know what was going to happen to him on his journey, he accepted his circumstances despite his worries. As soon as he knew what to expect, his fears vanished. Bottom line: Be patient.

Aside from helping us cool down, being patient teaches us many things. For one, it gives us a healthy dose of humility—sometimes, a good reality check is needed for one’s well-being. Placing our surroundings at a high pedestal will do more harm than good and leads to unnecessary stress.

Second, patience lets us be more mindful and empathetic toward other people—you’ll never know what another person’s life is like unless you’ll walk a mile in their shoes. Seeing things through other perspectives allows us to understand the world better.

Third, being patient helps us appreciate life. From the grandest affairs to the smallest things, it’s always good to be grateful for what you have. Lastly, mastering the art of patience enables self-control and calmness, therefore avoiding impulsiveness. Regrets don’t come before bad decisions, so it’s best to keep a cool head and wait.

Remember, patience isn’t something that comes naturally; it’s a virtue to be honed. Although isn’t easy, learning it is worth the effort.

How do you keep your cool and stay patient? The comment box is ready for your thoughts on this subject. You may also share them through Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. My book, Icy the Iceberg, is worth checking out if you want to teach children a thing or two about patience.



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