Why one should set family first before anything else

admin June 17, 2019

Reviewing the importance of putting family first

Why one should set family first before anything else

With so much advancement in life, it’s natural for one to wonder what the actual importance of family is. Isn’t it a dying institution that holds no place in today’s life? Obviously not! People may define family differently today, but its relevance always remains the same. And no matter how much life alters in the future, it’ll continue to exist, though the form may change.

For those who question the importance of putting family first, here’re the major reasons.


Put simply, it isn’t possible for human beings to live solitary lives throughout their lifetime. Support and love are needed to survive and it’s the family that offers both of these unconditionally, no matter what.


Every human being is born with the sensation of fear and thus, everyone needs to feel secure. Family is the institution that offers security in the first place. The strength of the family isn’t important. The security comes from one’s realization that his/her family is going to stand by him/her, regardless of anything that comes.

Happiness and satisfaction

One of the many advantages of putting the family first is happiness that can only be gained in the close companionship of loved ones. Satisfaction is another advantage of putting family before work. Even the highest achievers often live a complicated life full of dissatisfaction.

A family doesn’t necessarily need to consist of blood relatives only. It may be made of close friends too. But having the family by one’s side means having an entire team of people, who will always want the best for that person, and are ready to offer a helping hand. And that’s probably the biggest advantage of putting the family first before anything else.

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