Memories Are Us

Larry Friend July 4, 2018

How memories define who we are

memories define who we are

Life is composed of experiences, and the greatest souvenir that you can get is the memory that you carry with you wherever you go. I can’t blame some people if they say that they want to go back to their childhood days: no heartaches, no money problems, no serious health issues. Remembering the good old days eases the stresses of life.


What are memories?

They come from the random pieces of receipts you find from a family vacation trip in the beautiful beach. They are like the sands that got stuck in your pockets when you try to find a penny in exchange for ice cream. They are the wounds that you got from the first time you rode the bicycle. They are the tears that you shed when your pet died. They are the certificates you hang on your wall. They are the smile you make when you see a friend whom you haven’t talk to for the longest time. They are the scenes in your head when an old song goes playing on your radio.


Memories store the significant moments in our lives. Unlike the receipts, the sands, wounds, tears, and certificates that are only temporary, our memory lasts long and remains with us for a lifetime. It is the most enduring part of our life as they last longer than strength, beauty, and everything else that we thought are the most important things in the world.


Are our memories important in our lives?

Definitely. They are needed for our survival. We all have happy memories to inspire, give hope, and strength. We all have bad memories to supply us with learnings that we need to apply in our current situation. They shape our perspective, our plans, our behaviors, and our beliefs. Our memories equip us with information to guide us in our daily activities. What’s the use of our strength and our size if we don’t have our memories to teach us how to use them?


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your childhood? Share with us your childhood memories, and you’ll be surprised to feel a little energetic and imaginative. Share with us a sad memory and it will make you emotional for some time. They are powerful influencers, strong enough to affect our plans and actions. Therefore, it is important that we must condition our minds with the right memories to remind and guide us in every step of the way.



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