Where Larry Friend Obtained Two of the Stories in Squirelly’s Book

Larry Friend April 3, 2018

There were many stories derived from watching the squirrels. Two of these stories I remember were humorous.

  1. Nancy was watching one of the squirrels trying to access a bird feeder outside her office. This feeder was one that had a metal ring at the bottom of the feeder that would rapidly spin when it detected the weight of a squirrel. As she watched, the squirrel slid down the plastic tube. As soon as he grabbed onto the metal ring, it started spinning faster and faster. The squirrel was spinning so fast that he was horizontal to the ground. When he could no longer hold on, he was flung into the rock wall of the sidewalk. He hit the wall with considerable force. It took him several minutes to recover.
  2. Our bedroom is on the second floor of our house. All the windows are glass, except the one behind our bed. There are several different trees outside the windows. One morning as I was waking up, I noticed one of the squirrels shimming out on a very small branch of a maple tree, trying to access the maple seed on the end of the branch. He went through many weird contortions trying to reach the seed. All of a sudden, he lost his balance and fell to the ground.

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