How the Illustrations for Icy Originated

Larry Friend March 13, 2018

After I had written the manuscript for Icy, I wanted to find someone who could do the illustrations for the book. My sister, Beth, who lived in Denver had contacted my sister, Mindy, to help her illustrate a book she had written. This book never came to fruition. However, it gave me an idea to contact Mindy and see if she could help me.

I sent her the manuscript, but I heard nothing from her. Nancy and I were going to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, to visit family. We decided to swing by Binghamton, New York, to visit Mindy. While in the hotel room, Mindy gave me a folder containing all the illustrations for Icy the Iceberg. I took them back to Libertyville, Illinois.

I had no idea how to publish a book. I also did not know how to arrange the pages for a book. I contacted a publisher. I came up with an idea to contact one of our friends who was familiar with the process.

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