Icy’s Unfriendly Passenger

Larry Friend July 31, 2018

The reason why the polar bear did not greet Icy

why the polar bear did not greet icy

When Icy was happily and freely floating in the ocean, he got to meet and make new friends.  From giant whales, school fishes, sea otter, and down to a seal, animals flocked to Icy the Iceberg to seek shelter or just to bask under the heat of the sun on his surface.

However, one animal—a polar bear—decided to hitch a ride on Icy’s back without asking for Icy’s permission. The huge animal just laid there and enjoyed the view and the heat of the sun.

What is a polar bear?

Why didn’t the polar bear ask for permission or even greet Icy like all the other animals? What is a polar bear and why did it act that way? Polar bears are marine mammals that live in the cold region of the Artic. How do they survive the cold?

The bears are equipped with almost ten centimeters of body fat and a water repellant coat. Also, they are very talented swimmers and hunters. They are one of the largest carnivores on land.  These artic hunters have no natural predators in their habitat that they are comfortable sleeping or napping anywhere and anytime.

Top of the food chain

Aside from human hunters, the only danger that polar bears face are from other polar bears. Their main preys are seals because they are full of fat and very high on calories.

Considering how seals mostly stay under water, it’s a wonder how polar bears could even find them. It turns out polar bears have a powerful sense of smell to track down seal breathing holes (aglus).

Polar bears are smart and patient hunters. They wait in the opening of the aglus for some seals to emerge; sometimes they can wait for hours that can extend to days.

They will also stalk ringed seals that are relaxing on the ice. Polar bears study the seals sleep-wake patterns and slowly crawl nearer to the seals. As they get about six meters, they use their speed and pounce to before the seals can escape to the water.

Why it didn’t ask permission?

Polar bears depend on sea ice to catch their prey. Because ringed seals like to bask on sea ice, polar bears sometimes travel hundreds of kilometers to be near their food source and they need to do it in a quiet manner.

This is maybe the reason why the polar bear that rode on Icy’s back did not talk to him. It did not want to warn the seals that were staying near Icy of its presence.

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