Growth Is the Reward for Nonstop Industry and Struggle

Larry Friend July 24, 2018

Triumph over adversity will lead to growth


The journey is never ending. There’s always gonna be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do what’s right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment.

—Antonio Brown


From a tiny but beautiful snowflake, Icy turned into a gigantic and majestic iceberg before melting away and rejoining the clouds. However, before Icy achieve greatness, he had to undergo a challenging and scary time.


Icy fell from the sky. He was filled with apprehension. Fortunately for him, he fell into the comfy snow. However, as more snowflakes keep falling, Icy was left buried under the snow. For a long time, Icy was trapped under a dark place. Scared and unable to get out, he thought of giving up. He missed the fresh air, the high mountains, and the gleaming sun. He wondered why fate did this to him.


Finally, after 200 years, when he almost lost all hope, he started to move. He heard noises and felt that he was getting lighter and felt his surroundings getting brighter. After a loud cracking sound, Icy was finally free. He was no longer a small snowflake buried and in the dark but a large iceberg swimming freely in the blue cold ocean. He met new friends, saw beautiful sights, and felt good about himself.


Time has passed, and he reached the warmer waters. He started melting away. The feeling of being scared and sorry for himself resurfaced. Icy felt weaker until he finally dissolved into the warm waters of the ocean. He thought it was the end until he found himself rising into the sky. This time he understood that there is always a time to grow and a time to melt. He was no longer afraid.


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