Fear of the Unknown

Larry Friend July 17, 2018

Why do people usually fear the unknown?


Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

—Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fear is a strong emotion that prevents us from exploring new things or taking risks. There are some who fear spiders, snakes, and high places, while some are scared of closed or dark places. But there is one type of fear that is hard to overcome—fear of the unknown. Why do we fear the unknown?


When we were younger, most of us must have feared the darkness. Some would keep the lights on at night to fall asleep. This fear is not rooted from the physical darkness but is coming from the thought of the unknown that is lurking in the dark.


Even adults have fear of the unknown. There are times that we are faced with situations that we feel uncertain of the outcome. Most of the time, we fear the unknown more than we fear a negative outcome.


Due to this fear, we stay within our comfort zone. Most people are terrified of the unknown for it is something we cannot predict and control.


A good example of overcoming fear is the story of Icy the Iceberg.


Icy, a sparkling snowflake, fell from the sky and landed on the soft cushion of snow on Earth. Icy was buried. Sad and scared of the darkness around him, he was uncertain of his fate. While being buried under the snow, he made friends with various creatures. One day, Icy emerged as a beautiful, blue, floating iceberg.


The future is uncertain. Like Icy, most people feel sad when they face a challenging moment in life. Tough situations can either make or break us because of not knowing what’s going to happen next. We fear the things we do not know, the things we did not expect to happen, and the things that may change us.


Like Icy, we can brace ourselves and stand strong in times of hardship because one day, we will overcome these challenges and become a different version of ourselves. As Icy’s life cycle begin once again, he starts his journey with his warrior face on because he had triumphed in the unknown, and he is certain that he can win whatever battle he may face in the future.


When fear keeps us from moving on, we remain in our comfort zone and continue having this fear of the unknown. Fear keeps us from improving ourselves. When we overcome this fear of the unknown and embrace the change and the challenge, we may come out stronger and better than before.


We must follow the flow of the stream, accept the changes that are happening, and keep in mind that nothing is predictable. The outcome may be uncertain—it may be positive or negative—but what matters is that we went through the whole process and found out what was in store for us. Fear will always be in the mind; what matters is how we handle this fear.



What are your fears in life? How did you overcome them? Feel free to share with me your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. Know more about Icy and join him in his adventures by grabbing a copy of Icy the Iceberg.




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