Familial Love: How Squirrels Prevent Family Loss

Larry Friend November 14, 2018

How far can squirrels go to protect their family?

family loss

Squirrels are one of the docile animals in the animal world. They don’t usually attack other animal or humans unless they are provoked. To prevent family loss, squirrels rely on their defense mechanism. Aggressive squirrels are usually rabid and are the ones people should look out for. The most common animals in urban areas that prey on squirrels are the cats, dogs, and hawks. To prevent the loss of a family member and ensure everyone’s safety, here are the defense mechanisms that squirrels use when facing dangers:


Alarm Calls


To warn other squirrels of danger or to ask for help in a serious situation, squirrels produce alarm calls paired with tail signals. These alarm calls are ranging animal noise from a kuk to a sharp whistle tone. Though the sounds may seem irritating to humans, these do not ward off other animals but rather serve as warning that the other members of the squirrel family has been informed of the predator’s presence.




Squirrels vary in coloring depending on their habitat. Their coloring serves as their camouflage which blends in with the trees and grass where they are residing. Some squirrels, like the flying squirrels, are more active at night wherein visibility is low.




Squirrels move very quickly. When they hear or feel an intruder or imminent danger, they directly scamper away stealthily and speedily without the predator realizing where they are headed. With this swift ability, paired with camouflage, squirrels can be hardly caught.


Though seen as docile creatures, squirrels can readily attack other animals and even human when they are provoked. This happens especially if their young is in danger. Maternal instincts innate to animals prevail when the young is hurt.


Squirrelly, one of the characters of my book Squirrelly the Squirrel and Starlett, is a cheerful and trustworthy squirrel who shows bravery and willingness to do anything to keep his family safe and complete.


Being the eldest, Squirrelly stood up as the second-in-command of his father. He gathered food, looked for the best nest, and looked out for each member of the family. However, a tragedy struck the loving group of Squirrelly, and a family member’s life has been lost. After that, he promised to be a much better provider and protector. But will he be able to protect his family and the love his life from imminent danger? Find out in Squirrelly the Squirrel and Starlett.


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