Experience Is Your Greatest Treasure

admin January 29, 2019

How experiencing good and bad ultimately leads to success

Experience Is Your Greatest Treasure

Both the good and the bad experience teach you how to win in life.

Nobody’s life is perfect. There will always be struggles on the way to success. The problem with a problem is that when people experience it, they seem to focus only on it and shun everything else that happens to them, forgetting that life is still beautiful and full of opportunities. It’s not a mere idea or optimism. It’s part of the reality. Today, practice shifting your focus to that side of reality.

Avoiding, escaping, or ignoring the problem does not make the problem go away. It sticks around like glue, and unless you face it head on, you’ll never be able to make some progress. Pain is inevitable, but if you regard it as a learning opportunity, it will be your greatest weapon against defeat. What you will get in the end is a valuable experience that you can’t trade with money.

Experience is your greatest tool. Happy experiences enable us to appreciate life. Bad experiences make us wiser. So, pay attention to everything that you go through because sooner or later, they will come in handy for your journey ahead.

When you are in pain, when you are in agony, when your friends have left you, when you have no money in your pocket, just say, “Everything happens for a reason. Everything is temporary. As long as the sun shines, as long as I breathe, as long as I have myself, I will keep on fighting.”

And when the road gets rough, Life does not make you miserable. It is your decision to become miserable. What separates successful ones from others is not on chance but on choice. Remember, what happens to you is not in your control. How you react to it is up to you. It’s your choice.

Would you believe that behind strong people are the incredible struggles that they went through? These are the people who choose to rise above poverty, to see beyond uncertainty, and to persevere amidst humiliation. They are well aware of fear and they have the courage to overcome it. They know that to go to the other side, they must go through the pain. It is a requirement for growth, for survival, for success.

I’ll tell you some lifehacks on how to get through a tough day. First, it will help if you keep a journal of at least five things you are grateful for the day. It may seem impossible at first, but little by little, you’ll notice the good things out of the mundane. You’ll soon realize that no matter how bad the situation is, there is something good that comes out from it.

At the end of every week, reread them, and you’ll feel better.

It’s also good to have a few trusted people whom you can share your burdens with. Don’t keep your problems to yourself no matter how you see them. The right people will understand and support you all the way.

Third, make it a necessity to take a day off to relax and meditate away from the hustle and bustle of life. This may seem very unproductive and a waste of time, but doing this will actually help you to refresh and refocus on the essentials.

So don’t hesitate to gain experience. Embrace them and you’ll certainly get to where you want to be.


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