Embracing the Unknown

Larry Friend July 10, 2018

What our fear can teach us


What scares you?


Are you afraid of heights? Of closed spaces? Of darkness? Of being alone?


Each of us has something we fear the most. I remember riding the bicycle for the first time. It scared me to death. I almost chickened out. Come to think of it, why did I act this way?


It is our natural response to feel scared when we are about to do something that we have never done before. Our fear of the unknown provokes us to step back and return to safety.


What made me ride the bicycle anyway?


When I held the handlebars and then stepped on the pedals, I knew that I must overcome my fear so that I can experience the joy of riding with my friends. Immediately, the thought of having fun released the thrill and anticipation that flooded my whole being. The moment I successfully rode for the first time, I pedaled happily, fear completely gone like it never existed.


When I first thought of writing a book about Icy the Iceberg, I began to experience a lot of things. One of these is the fear of getting rejected. I feared that no one will read my book. I feared that no one will like Icy.


But along the way, friends would come, people will help, and family’s love remain. I am lucky that my family believes in me. Once I get to realize that my dream of inspiring young people is just on the other side of fear, and the only way to go to the other side is that I must embrace the unknown and to win over my fear, I decided to take a leap of faith, always bearing in mind my goal. And, poof! Out came Icy the Iceberg!


My story and your story, too, is reflected in Icy’s seemingly endless journey from being a tiny snowflake to a mesmerizingly huge iceberg. Having been trapped in darkness for so many years made him scared and lonely, not having a clue as to what will happen to him. However, fear did not stop him from being hopeful.


At last, when he became an iceberg, he finally experienced freedom, and the joy of meeting new friends and traveling to amazing places. The journey taught him to be patient, hopeful, and most importantly, brave. He is not scared anymore of the dark as he finally knew what to expect.


The thing that scares us teaches us to be brave and strong. It teaches us to be careful, test the waters, do a lot of research, and ultimately, learn from it. Fun and enjoyment is just on the other side of fear.


Disappointment is a part of life and so is happiness. We encounter dark and scary moments, but it’s only temporary. Happiness will come, if we face our fears with brave and hopeful hearts, just like what Icy did.



Do you have something to share about the scary moments in your life? How did you conquer your fears? Share them here with me and the rest of hopeful readers. Curious about who Icy is? You can check out my book entitled Icy the Iceberg along with my other works at Be the first to read fun and insightful blogs by liking and following my Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads account. Have fun!


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