Of all creatures, what makes the squirrel stand out to be the main character of this book?

admin June 11, 2019

Top 2 qualities of Squirrely – Why he’s this Larry Friend book’s hero

Of all creatures, what makes the squirrel stand out to be the main character of this book

Some animal characters are larger than life while some others are simple and yet, stay with the readers for a long time and make their heart feel warm. Squirrelly the Squirrel and Starlett by Larry Friend is one book about squirrels that belongs to the latter category. And it’s this fun-loving yet caring, hard working, and diligent characteristic of the main character Squirrely that makes him a hero and helps him take the center stage in the story’s landscape.

Squirrely – the oldest of seven siblings, is very diligent and hard working. From learning skills to forage, find and stock food for the family to devising his own NPS (nut positioning system) to find where he had positioned the nuts under the snow, he’s a clever chap. And it’s his dutiful and responsible nature as a son (and later, as a lover) that makes him all the more endearing.

His ability to welcome change and adjust his life accordingly is another characteristic that make him this book’s hero. And this gives those wondering what makes the squirrel stand out a fitting answer. From dealing with family life and its challenges, to taking a lesson from a tragic event, handling ways to learn new skills, dealing with relationships and love, Squirrely is always ready to adapt and excel without complaining. This squirrel as the main character of the book isn’t all serious. Being playful and comedic, at times, make him a lovable character, which adds to his appeal as the leading character of this Larry Friend book. And perhaps it’s the sum total of all these features, which can be the answer to what makes the squirrel stand out.



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