A Christmas nut for Larry and Nancy

Larry Friend May 8, 2018

“In December we had a snow storm. It totaled about three inches. Consequently, I had to use the snowblower and shovel. The snow crystals on the tree branches and shrubs were brilliantly reflected in the sunlight. The next morning, when I exited the side door, I noticed a perfectly round and undamaged black walnut placed outside, in front of the door. The only way that it could have been deposited there could have been by a squirrel. The squirrel had to take the time to dig it up from under the snow and carry it to the side door. I assume it was a Christmas present from one of them. I am hoping it was from Squirrelly, showing us his appreciation for all the corn, peanuts, bread and seeds Nancy had placed in the yard in 2017. what do you think?”

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