How I Came Up with Snowy’s Life before His Time with Us

Larry Friend June 5, 2018

After all these years, we still don’t know where Snowy came from. Since then, I wanted to write his story and make others aware that once in our life, a one-of-a-kind dove came to shower my family with wonderful memories. I write my new book in honor of Snowy. This book is divided into two parts—the first part narrates Snowy’s life before we found him in the backyard, and the second part is his life together with my family.

It was around the 1970s when I and a partner bought houses to redesign, refurbish, and resell them. One of the houses we purchased was owned by a person who raised pigeons in the attic. In that loft, we found cages and various trophies that had gold birds sitting on a marble base. I love those trophies, even though they were not mine, because it always reminds me of Snowy.

These trophies also made me wonder what kind of life Snowy had before we happened. Because of Snowy’s cloudy previous life, I created the first part of the book fictitiously. I got my inspiration from the trophies we uncovered in that small attic lifetimes ago.

I assumed Snowy spent his life before with his previous owner in the limelight, or maybe he had circus acts that made him famous but was worn out so that’s why he left. I could think of a lot of reasons why a white dove landed in our backyard all of a sudden, but the trophies gave me ideas on how to construct Snowy’s fictional life before. Meanwhile, the second part of the book is factual and follows the life of Snowy spent with us until his death.

The trophies in the attic of an unknown person inspired me to write the first part of my new book. How about you? What inspires your story? Share them in the comments section below. If you want to know more about Snowy the White Dove of Love, you can also follow me on social media through my Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads account.



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