Experience Is Your Greatest Treasure

Experience Is Your Greatest Treasure

admin January 29, 2019

How experiencing good and bad ultimately leads to success

Both the good and the bad experience teach you how to win in life.

Nobody’s life is perfect. There will always be struggles on the way to success. The problem with a problem is that when people experience it, they seem to focus only on it and shun everything else that happens to them, forgettin . . .

Life Lessons from Squirrelly the Squirrel

Life Lessons from Squirrelly the Squirrel

admin January 22, 2019

Difficulties are defining events in character buildup

When squirrels climb up and down trees or traipse from branch to branch, their movements always appear to have a purpose, not just plain listlessness. Even when they sit and frantically look around, there is a kind of attentiveness to their demeanor.

These bright-eyed animals with bushy tails may be . . .

family loss

Familial Love: How Squirrels Prevent Family Loss

Larry Friend November 14, 2018

How far can squirrels go to protect their family?

Squirrels are one of the docile animals in the animal world. They don’t usually attack other animal or humans unless they are provoked. To prevent family loss, squirrels rely on their defense mechanism. Aggressive squirrels are usually rabid and are the ones people should look out for. The most common ani . . .

squirrel predators

Squirrel Predators

Larry Friend November 8, 2018

What are squirrels’ predators? Daily gloomy adventures of Alvin, Scrat, and Sandy Cheeks


We see them almost every day—in parks, in our houses. These popular rodents even make it to the Hollywood and literature books. They are one of the most appreciated animals living in suburban and rural areas in many places of the American continent. But t . . .


Experiencing Pain

admin October 2, 2018

Pain’s spirit, soul, and body

In life, rarely can one find a friend who is there through all the seasons in life—in abundance and lack, in blessings and trials, in acquiring deeper understanding on the temporal and eternal, ever present in good health and sickness. Rarely can one find a positive influence who keeps one humble, grateful, and appreciativ . . .

The Power of Love

The Power of Love

admin September 25, 2018

How can love influence everyone’s happiness?

Love is one of the most powerful emotions that anyone can feel. According to Merriam-Webster, love is a “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.” This could be filial love, attraction for a lover, or affection for a friend. Since love is regarded as a strong . . .

darkest hours

Trusting That beyond the Darkest Hours Is the Light Hoped For

Larry Friend August 14, 2018

Dealing with our deepest fears, doubts, and worries in the darkest hours of our life

Being soaked in the darkest hours of the night (no electricity, electronic and luminous devices, and flashlight) and being the only one awake at night can get scary. Suddenly, certain night sounds become more audible and the imagination begins to conjure a certain presence . . .


Patience Is a Virtue

Larry Friend August 8, 2018

Why we should be patient

We’ve all heard the old cliché of patience being a virtue more than once. Today’s fast-paced world, however, is making it admittedly difficult for some of us to keep it.

Although instant gratification has benefited us in one way or another, it has caused a good chunk of us to become impatient—because we’re used to getti . . .

why the polar bear did not greet icy

Icy’s Unfriendly Passenger

Larry Friend July 31, 2018

The reason why the polar bear did not greet Icy

When Icy was happily and freely floating in the ocean, he got to meet and make new friends.  From giant whales, school fishes, sea otter, and down to a seal, animals flocked to Icy the Iceberg to seek shelter or just to bask under the heat of the sun on his surface.

However, one animal—a polar bear—de . . .


Growth Is the Reward for Nonstop Industry and Struggle

Larry Friend July 24, 2018

Triumph over adversity will lead to growth

The journey is never ending. There’s always gonna be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do what’s right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment.

—Antonio Brown


From a tiny but beautiful sn . . .


Fear of the Unknown

Larry Friend July 17, 2018

Why do people usually fear the unknown?

Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

—Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fear is a strong emotion that prevents us from exploring new things or taking risks. There are some who fear spiders, snakes, and high places, . . .


Embracing the Unknown

Larry Friend July 10, 2018

What our fear can teach us

What scares you?


Are you afraid of heights? Of closed spaces? Of darkness? Of being alone?


Each of us has something we fear the most. I remember riding the bicycle for the first time. It scared me to death. I almost chickened out. Come to think of it, why did I act this way?


It is our natura . . .

memories define who we are

Memories Are Us

Larry Friend July 4, 2018

How memories define who we are

Life is composed of experiences, and the greatest souvenir that you can get is the memory that you carry with you wherever you go. I can’t blame some people if they say that they want to go back to their childhood days: no heartaches, no money problems, no serious health issues. Remembering the good old days eases the stres . . .


What Is It like to Be Icy?

Larry Friend June 26, 2018

Icy fears losing his value and being rejected by animal friends

Several years ago, I and my wife Nancy took a sea and land trip to Alaska. The first part of the trip was an ocean cruise starting in Vancouver, Canada. Our cruise traveled along Alaska’s coastline for several days. During these days at sea, watching the ice and snow piling up and the natura . . .

Icebergs: Icy Hotspots of Life

Larry Friend June 19, 2018

Icebergs—how they are formed and their contribution to aquatic life



The massive floating islands that are made of freshwater ice floating around the north and south poles are called icebergs. These blue icy giants are one of the iconic symbols of the polar region together with penguins and polar bears. How are they . . .

The Significance of Icy’s Animal Companions

Larry Friend June 13, 2018

How friendship helped Icy on his personal journey to growth


No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.

—John Donne



Since we’re a social species by nature, it’s normal for us humans to want to feel a . . .

How I Came Up with Snowy’s Life before His Time with Us

Larry Friend June 5, 2018

After all these years, we still don’t know where Snowy came from. Since then, I wanted to write his story and make others aware that once in our life, a one-of-a-kind dove came to shower my family with wonderful memories. I write my new book in honor of Snowy. This book is divided into two parts—the first part narrates Snowy’s life before we found him in the backyard, and the second part . . .

My Favorite Story of Snowy

Larry Friend May 29, 2018

My favorite story about Snowy was the incident where Nancy placed Snowy in her glass of water and, while drinking, Snowy fell headfirst into the glass, and nobody noticed what just had happened to Snowy. A couple of seconds later, my wife Nancy exclaimed, “Oh no!” then she hurriedly jumped up and pulled Snowy’s head out of the glass.

Silence filled the room because we were so nervous . . .

Why Snowy Was with Us for 28 Year

Larry Friend May 22, 2018

There should have been a great reason why Snowy left his former owner and stayed with us instead. Maybe it’s due to his owner’s upbringing, which made me wonder the type of affection Snowy felt before.

Was he given enough food or a comfortable cage? Was he ever given a bath before? Did he experience the kind of freedom we gave him? Or did his previous owner hold and caress him the way m . . .

Why I Started Writing a Book about Snowy

Larry Friend May 15, 2018

About 35 years ago in Chicago, a stunning blessing landed on our backyard in the form of a dove. My children saw the bird first, and they thought that it was homeless, so they picked it up and brought it in our house. The children asked Nancy if they could name the bird Snowy because they think it was pretty and its feathers also were white as snow, which my wife gladly agreed.

We are very . . .

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